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Reflection of light:Have you observe the path of light when it strikes the mirror or wall in daily life? Does it move along straight line path or changes its direction?
Definition: When light ray strikes the boundary of two media such as air and glass, a part of light is turned back into the same medium. This is called reflection of light.A highly polished surface, such as a mirror, reflects most of the light falling on it.Laws of reflection: The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, and The incident ray, the normal to the mirror at the point of incidence and the reflected ray, all lie in the same plane.These laws are applicable to all types of reflecting surfaces including spherical surfaces.Types of reflection: The types of reflection are regular reflection and irregular or diffused reflection.Regular reflection: It occurs when a beam of light falls on a smooth and polished surface such as a plane mirror. Irregular reflection: It occurs when a beam of light falls on a rough surface such as wall of a room.Incident ray:Light ray striking a reflecting surface. Points of incidence:The point at which the incident ray strikes the reflecting surface.Reflected ray:The light ray obtained after reflection from the surface, in the same medium in which the incident ray is travelling. Normal:The perpendicular drawn to the surface at the point of incidence. Angle of incidence:The angle which the incident ray makes with the normal at the point of incidence. It is denoted by the letter i.Angle of reflection:The angle which the reflected ray makes with the normal at the point of incidence.It is denoted by the letter r.Plane of incidence:The plane containing the incident ray and the normal.Plane of reflection:The plane containing the reflected ray and the normal

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