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Bagi lagu ini ke teman. Down Lagu di gratis. Down Lagu di - Download Lagu - lagu favorit dari tahun. My Tesla Model 3 got its first big repair. Here's how much it cost.
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Back in February something flew up and hit my bumper when I was driving on the highway. It made a loud "thud" and I knew it was bad when I heard the sound. Whatever it was, it went through my paint protection film and into my paint so I had to submit a claim with my insurance. The body shop quoted me $1600 to get the entire front bumper replaced and get the paint protection film installed back on. If I didn't have the paint protection film it would have cost around $1000 to get the front bumper replaced. It took about 5 weeks from the time the body shop ordered the bumper from Tesla to the time it was delivered to the body shop then it took another 2 weeks for the body shop to paint and install the bumper. It took that long because the multi coat red paint Tesla uses is very hard to match so the body shop had to paint the bumper multiple times to get it to match. Luckily Tesla is starting to do certain collision repairs in house at Tesla Service Centers and through some of their Mobile technicians. Hopefully this speeds up the process of repairing Teslas.

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Something BAD Happened to My Tesla. Here’s the Repair Cost. Down Lagu mp3 gratis

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