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Share artikel untuk mendukung kami. Download Lagu Baru di mp3. Download Lagu Baru di - Lirik Lagu - share lagu favorit saya. What is it that we celebrate in Ramadan? In this inspiring khutbah on the eve of the Holy Month, Ustadh Nouman takes us back to the story of Adam (AS) who was so dignified by Allah that He spoke to him directly. But even though Allah dismissed Adam from janna, He promised to give him a way back up through repeated guidance. Allah promised those who follow this guidance that they will know no fear or sadness in this life. The last time this promise was fulfilled was when Allah sent his final message, the Quran. In Ramadan Allah revealed his extended rope from the sky to the earth to teach us that there is hope, no matter how lost we feel or how far we have fallen. Ramadan is the opportunity Allah gave us to celebrate our connection with Him.. Download Lagu Baru mp3 gratis

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